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Malaysian rock band Terrer takes on toxic masculinity in music video for debut single ‘Hang Loklaq’ (VIDEO) | Show biz

Terrer is making waves with his daring and intriguing music video “Hang Loklaq”, which premiered on December 12. – Photo courtesy of Terrer

KUALA LUMPUR, December 24 – Local rock band Terrer is taking social media by storm, and rightly so with the music video for their debut single Hang Loklaq which aired on YouTube on December 12.

With over 65,000 views to date, the group has gone viral on social media for the video with the group’s five members in drag and makeup, with choreography.

Terrer’s frontman Faiq explained that “Hang Loklaq” is a term from northern Malaysia that is often used to describe someone’s indecent behavior and that the song is also a way for them to say something about the world we live in.

“When we started in 2018, there was a time in the news, there was a lot of reporting about toxic masculinity.

“Suddenly, a lot of men in positions of power started to be exposed because of their acts and crimes.

“I guess that had an effect on why we chose to write the songs that we wrote to a certain extent,” Faiq said. Malaysian courier.

Faiq said they wrote the songs based on their perspective of growing up as Malaysian men and the lyrics were a product of their observations of their surroundings.

And to bring their message to life, director Liew Seng Tat who has worked on films such as Mukhsin, Flower in the pocket and 15 Malaysia.

The and Liew worked together on the theme of the clip.

Faiq also said that while the band’s first song is straightforward, he assured that there is more than meets the eye in Terrer’s upcoming five-track EP.

“I think people (when they listen to the EP) will realize that a lot of the songs were about vulnerability.

“It’s about trying to express yourself especially as a man where sometimes it is difficult to express yourself.”

Terrer is Faiq the leader, Arman and Able on guitars with Azlan on bass and Helmi on drums.  - Image courtesy of Terrer
Terrer is Faiq the leader, Arman and Able on guitars with Azlan on bass and Helmi on drums. – Image courtesy of Terrer

The Kuala Lumpur-based Terrer is made up of five members with Faiq as vocalist, Arman and Abel as guitarist with Azlan on bass and Helmi on drums.

According to guitarist Arman, although Terrer is a band with a mix of sounds, the band’s attitude of going against the grain is still deeply ingrained in them.

He said the group’s creation was the inspiration for the country’s 14th general election, where history was made after a change of government after 60 years of a ruling coalition.

“I remember watching election night, closer to the end, where it was obvious a new government was coming.

“And you see journalists starting to report on the dawn of a new era. Things are changing and we were really excited about it.

“It gave us a sense of hope,” Arman said.

Terrer Hang Loklaq is now available on YouTube and they will be releasing their debut EP in January of next year.