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Mangaluru: ‘Sounds Fishy’ Hard Rock Band Releases Debut EP Titled ‘RETRIBUTION’

Press release

Mangaluru, May 7: Popular Hard Rock/Ambient Metal Band ‘Sounds Fishy’ from Mangaluru has released their debut EP titled ‘RETRIBUTION’. The EP features three energetic and heart-pounding Hard Rock songs featuring Renston Fernandes on lead vocals. The EP was released on Youtube and major streaming platforms. Also Band released the music video for one of the songs from the EP.

“Hello Courtesan” on YouTube
The tracks are titled:-
1. Hello courtesan
Based on human greed and how it makes us do unimaginable things and ultimately consumes us.
2. Kill my pain
Depicts the fight within your consciousness, Fight your nightmares. Fight for your dreams and aspirations.
3. Of God and men
Based on the pride of humans that gives us a false sense of being immortal or “divine”.

Performed by Fishy Sounds
Drums: Ashwin Sequeira
Bass: Floid Pereira
Guitar: Clyde Lobo
Guitar: Ramprasad Ashok
Keys: Maclean Dsouza

All lead vocals: Renston Jake Fernandes

Music production, mixing and mastering: Maclean Dsouza

#1 Salute to the courtesan
Music composed by Fishy Sounds
Lyrics/Melody/Title: Renston Jake Fernandes

#2 Kill My Pain originally by Avalanche Brakedown
Former members: Renston Fernandes, Dylon Dsouza, Rolan Carlo, Jackson Noronha
Lyrics/Melody/Title: Dylon Dsouza

#3 Of God and men
Music composed by Fishy Sounds
Lyrics/Melody/Title: Renston Jake Fernandes

About Shady Sounds:
The band was formed in early 2016, a group of six friends who were previously part of various local rock bands teamed up to form “Sounds Fishy”. The main influences of the group were Dream Theater, Deep Purple, Megadeth, Ronnie James Dio, Seether, Steel Panther, Toto, Scorpions, Pink Floyd. etc Besides several gigs around the country, the band’s most cherished moment was when their first original composition ‘Sympathetic Race’ was played on the UK’s leading metal radio station called ‘Metal’. The groups’ previous singles have also been played on popular rock radio stations in New Zealand, the United States and have listeners from over 25 countries on Spotify.

The group has since released 3 singles which are available on all streaming platforms. Besides original compositions, the band also covers songs like Scorpions, Metallica, Ghost, Motherjane, Iron maiden, Deep Purple, Steelheart, Toto, Korn, Eagles, Guns and Roses, Black Sabbath, Queen, Megadeth, Panthera, Dream theatre, White snake to name a few. The band is known for their energetic stage presence, punchy vocals filled with incredible guitar riffs, and intense percussion that make the band’s music feel tight and heavy.

Current band members:-
Drums: – Ashwin Sequeria
Bass:- Floid Pereira
Guitar: – Clyde Lobo
Guitar: – Ramprasad Ashok
Keys:- Maclean Dsouza
1) EP LINK :-
(Video by The Freelancer Network Cover Design and Video Setup: Rayan Christ Dsouza Video Editing: Vishal Devadig)

2) Hail the Courtesan Music video link :-

(Video shot and edited by: Ivan Pereira, Propix Studios)

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