Rock playlist

Myers Whiskey Quarantine Rock Playlist

With everyone kidnapped and quarantined due to the coronavirus, we’ve asked our favorite artists to come up with playlists that keep you entertained. Here are the southern rockers of Texas Whiskey Myers:

This playlist is filled with songs that sustained us during our forties, whether it was just to relax us or to inspire our own creativity. We hope this music will help you get through this difficult time until we can start playing together again soon!

“Leave Hollerin ‘at Me” – John Prine
I listened to this song quite regularly before Mr. Prine passed away. Such a terrible loss. A necessity for the playlist! – John Jeffers, guitar

“Rocky Mountain Trail – Joe Walsh
This song makes you feel good, man! Forget everything and roll down the windows. – John Jeffers, guitar

“I have to get paid” – ZZ Top
Crazy rock n roll! Great coverage! – John Jeffers, guitar

“Pierre” – Myers Whiskey
It’s such a special moment when we get to this song in our concerts. Fans hear those first notes on the piano and they lose their minds. I miss that feeling. – Tony Kent, percussion

“SOB” – Nathaniel Rateliff and the night sweats
With all the mess going on in the world today, I agree with Mr Rateliff. Need a beer! – John Jeffers, guitar

“These Days” – Jackson Browne
I felt like the lyrics of this song almost directly parallel what it’s like to stay home and not see or talk to people during this pandemic, even if that’s not it. it is about. – Cody Tate, guitar

“My own best friend” – John Prine
One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite artists, and it’s a lesser-known song that I think people should definitely hear. – Cody Tate, guitar

“Prop Me Up next to the jukebox (if I die)” – Joe Diffie
God bless Joe Diffie. – Cody Tate, guitar

“Bury My Bones” – Myers Whiskey
I wrote this song when we were on tour in Europe and it felt like we might never come home again. Basically I said, ‘if I die here, you better take my ass back to Texas.’ Now that we’re stuck at home, I miss being on the road! – John Jeffers, guitar

Get ‘By – Jerry Jeff Walker
I mean, it’s Jerry Jeff Walker! That should be enough, but if you need more, it’s a wonderfully happy song about what you have and what life has in store for you. Great message at times like this. – Cody Tate, guitar

“John Deere Green” – Joe Diffie
This, and the John Prine song that follows, are two great songs by two great artists and songwriters who lost their lives to COVID-19, so I thought it was important to include them. – Cody Cannon, vocals

“Sam Stone” – John Prine
^ see above (go together)

“The Damn Truth” – Chris Knight
It’s just a song that I think perfectly describes the world we live in today. – Cody Cannon, vocals

“Stay at home” – Shinyribs
You have to stay your ass at home !! – Cody Canon, vocals

“Ride My Rocket” – The Jompson Brothers
Who doesn’t love listening to Chris Stapleton sing rock n roll? – Wes Gibson, guitar technician

“War” – JJ Gray & Mofro
I’m absolutely addicted to them right now and really want Whiskey Myers to play with them. – Wes Gibson, guitar technician

“Money” – Witt’s Rebels Shattered
They went on tour with us in the UK and when I listen to this song it reminds me of the first time I saw them live. – Wes Gibson, guitar technician

“Ballad of a Southern Man” – Myers Whiskey
It’s probably the greatest song of our career so far. Fans sing every word of it at our shows and it really helped us put ourselves on the map musically. It will always be a special time. – Cody Cannon, vocals

“Oh no” – Bye June
First of all, I admit that Goodbye June is my favorite band right now and they’ve released some amazing rock and roll. This song is the ultimate motivation, pump yourself up so you never give up. – Naga, engineer monitor / manager

“Better in the fall” – The Steel Woods
Another one of my favorite bands. Southern rock straight ahead. I certainly hope we all get better by at least the fall, if not sooner! – Naga, engineer monitor / manager

“Solitaire” – Devon Gilfillian
This song here should be the anthem for everyone going through this crisis alone. A good mix of soul, gospel and pop with the perfect message. – Naga, engineer monitor / manager

“Together” – Brother Band
A beautiful song that I thought the world would love to hear right now. I think the lyrics are more about being with someone special, but I see them more as being with everyone – my friends, my family, my band, our fans. – Naga, engineer monitor / manager

“Supersonic” – Oasis
I can’t listen to this song and I don’t feel cool. Some call it Britpop. I call it real Rawk’N’Roll. – Tony Kent, percussion

“Runaway” – John David Kent
A song from my brother’s first record. Our bassist Jamey and I were his rhythm section. It’s a fun song to play and listen to, with a great singalong chorus. – Tony Kent, percussion

“Kentucky Gold” – Myers Whiskey
I wrote this song with Aaron Ratiere and Dave Kennedy for our last album. They’re both so talented and it’s a song we don’t play as often as others, so I wanted to give it a moment to shine here! – Cody Cannon, vocals

“Do It Again” – The Beach Boys
My favorite group. A song of well-being that reminds me of summer. – Tony Kent, percussion

Take it or leave it – The Strokes
Probably my favorite band from the 2000s. Their debut album is exactly what rock’n’roll needed when it was released in 2001. – Tony Kent, percussion

“I am the highway” – Audioslave
It’s the song that hits me every time I listen to it. One of those that you can listen to in any mood and find your way. – Khris Poage, photographer / videographer

“War Pigs / Luke’s Wall” – Black Sabbath
Just a song that makes you feel good. – Khris Poage, photographer / videographer

“Essence” – Myers Whiskey
It was the first single from our new album, WHISKEY MYERS, and it hit the Top 20 on completely independent rock radio, which was really validation for us as a band. – John Jeffers, guitar

“Over the Hills and Far” – Led Zeppelin
Just a song that makes you feel good. – Khris Poage, photographer / videographer

“Party” – The offspring
It’s a song that always happens to play on the bus before you get on stage, so it brings me back to the good times before the pandemic and it reminds me of all the crazy moments we’re going to have when we ‘hit the road again! – Khris Poage, photographer / videographer

“Refugee” – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
It sounded appropriate because of its chorus, and it’s just rock and roll! – Chris Alexander, tour director

“Die Rockin” – Myers Whiskey
I wrote this song with the legendary Ray Wylie Hubbard and it really sums up our rock and roll life. We are eaten up by music and are so fans of the legends that have come before us, so when we are on the road or recording in the studio we try to pay homage to those greats who inspired our generation while we strive to create our own magic. – Cody Cannon, vocals

“The way I am” – Merle Haggard
This is my favorite Merle song and it makes me think of how beautiful life will be when the pandemic is over. Makes me happy! – Chris Alexander, tour director