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Northwest Indiana-Based Indie Rock Band Releases New Record | Entertainment

Cxpital released a new EP on Jugo and Rada Records.

Joseph S. Pete

Jugo and Rada Records, a label based in Northwest Indiana, have released a new EP by a local indie and alternative rock band.

Cxpital is a regular on stages in the region and has been featured on the local PBS affiliate.

The group’s first EP is called “Importer”. Available on 7 inch vinyl, it includes the tracks “George” and “San Francisco”, which Bayview Sounds described as “breathtaking”.

“Cxpital is a three-member alternative rock band from the Northwest Indiana area. The band is made up of Tyler Maximoff and Benji Grimler, from the area, and Lucie Ashmore who is from Greystones, in Ireland, “Bojan Jovanovic de Jugo and Rada said in a press release. . A recent addition to From The Depths Entertainment, Cxpital has seen himself as a featured artist on Lakeshore PBS’s ‘In Studio’ TV show, as well as collaborating with Sweetwater on live performances and product demo videos. . “

Founded in 2017 as Waves with a different lineup, Cxpital is based in St. John. The group has performed a number of concerts throughout Chicago including at John’s Place in Griffith, Griffith Central Market, Cubby Bear Wrigleyville, Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago, Mighty Mick’s Pub & Cafe in Crown Point, and Evolution Music. in Downers Grove.

The group describes their influences as Old-school Coldplay, Paramore, The Maine, The Aces, Prvris and The Strokes. He also released several songs on iTunes.