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Panaginip O Totoo? The return of funk rock band POT

Funk rock band POT have reunited – bassist Mally Paraguya (left to right), drummer Reli de Vera, vocalist Red dela Peña and guitarist Ian Umali. Handout

POT is back.

That funkadelic, boogie, let’s-get-down groovin’ band that had fans dancing in the aisles amid 1997’s hard rock, folk, and shoezgaze music is back.

Former Mally Paraguya (bass) and Ian Umali (guitar) are back but in place of deceased vocalist Karl Roy are Red dela Peña (of Ojo Rojo) and Reli de Vera (Sinosikat?) on drums who take over from titanic drumsmith, Harley Alarcon.

And the place of their chosen return? None other than 70s Bistro, that famous club along Anonas Road that has its place in the band’s history.

A year after the band’s critically acclaimed and best-selling self-titled debut in 1997, Alarcon left followed by Umali three years later. Roy and Paraguya tried to continue until 2005, when the band broke up.

However, a year later, the band reunited for a year later performance at 70s Bistro.

History repeated itself last Saturday, June 25, when POT performed Bandang X’s production which included many of the bands they played with at the former Club Dredd.

“Mayroon akong napanood na production of Bandang X, and puro 90s bands na kasabayan namin,” Paraguya told Paraguya of the band’s reform genesis. It was like the days of Club Dredd. Tuwang tuwa ako.

“When Mally told me about these Bandang X events, it really made me curious and excited to learn that a lot of band compositions were no longer original,” Umali added. “It made me realize that we could still play our music, given that at least 50% of the sound would still be Mally and myself.”

Even after Roy’s death, offers were made to Paraguya and Umali, but both refused them.

After this broadcast which Paraguya watched, he contacted Umali and expressed his interest and desire to play the old songs. To his surprise, Umali felt the same.

Obviously, without Roy who died in 2012 and Alarcon who moved to Saipan, they had to find other people willing and able to play the old material.

Mally remembered Red dela Peña from a jam session over a decade ago. He remembers being impressed. When Umali and Paraguya asked dela Peña to jam with them one more time, they both got that “Karl Roy” vibe.

“Involuntary Yun,” Mally pointed out. “Intended to name in Hindi to have someone who sounded like Karl. It just happened. Of course meron din naman difference his voice nila.

Getting from Vera was easy.

“He gets our music,” Paraguya pointed out. “Besides, mabuti na rin magaling ‘yung kabanda mo. It makes things easier. »

And if the sold-out performance at 70s Bistro last Saturday is any indication, fans are loving what they’re hearing.

The venerable joint concert can accommodate a maximum of 250 people. But this Saturday evening, more than 270 people filled the place.

For now, POT will just take its time to enjoy the performance again. However, Paraguya left the door open to new music.

“When we get more comfortable, when the vibe and the timing are right, who knows, we might write new songs again.”

If we can use those lines from that classic 1970s band advisers they turned into their own, “Sige na people. Let’s get down. Sige na, sige na, sige na, sige naaah.”

After all, we have plenty of time.