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Pop rock group Zerise releases new single “Diyan Ka Na”

MANILA – Rising pop rock group Zerise unveiled their new single “Diyan Ka Na” on Friday on all digital music platforms, as well as on YouTube.

“Diyan Ka Na” is a breakup song, the one that the singer of the quintet Cerise Limueco joked is “something that a lot of people will be able to relate to”.

Drawing on real-life experience, Limueco spoke of a male friend who “would flirt with all the girls, including me. I wonder how his girlfriend put up with him being unfaithful. I thought of that song where the call is to push them away like in ‘diyan ka na.’ Leave them. It’s an empowering and fun song.

The clip is a direct extrapolation of the song. The accompanying music video was shot at Pan De Amerikana in Marikina City.

Zerise. Handout

The song was written and originally recorded by Zerise – drummer and keyboardist Bryanne Tuazon, bassist Christian Maranan, guitarists John Daniel Bardoc and Jared Isaiah Cortado and Limueco – before the global lockdown and time of loneliness and isolation hit. allow the group to continue working on it.

The group is currently working on the production of their debut EP album at Polysonic Records with Mally Paraguya, former bassist of Tame the Tikbalang and POT, as producer.

“I heard about the band thanks to (the late) Mel Maniego (of the punk band Private Stock and the neo-mods the Go-Signals),” Paraguya said. “It was a four song demo and I came away impressed. It took me back to the original Filipino music of the 1990s. That’s when Mel and I decided to produce the band’s single Extended Play (released January 2020).

Maniego told this writer in January 2020: “This is a band that understands the value of a good melody. This is what attracted me to Zerise in the first place. They can write songs.

Zerise hopes to release her first full album in the first quarter of 2022.