Rock music

Pure rock music with pop vocals is the style of the song “This Place” by artist Carlos Garcia

Hhighlighting all the main characteristics of the alternative rock genre with a fusion of pop and EDM, the artist Carlos garcia delivered a nice lead, This place. With the use of drums, guitar and cymbal in the background, the song reached a different level of perfection as a song of this genre. The main attraction of the track is the vocals which gave the song a cheerful vibe. In addition, it has an echo effect which flourishes the quality of the track. Although the music is pure rock music in its instrumental affair, the vocals have a certain hook that also gives listeners a pop feel.

The artist has just navigated his career in music. The Florida rock music artist Carlos Garcia Essentially pursuing a master’s degree in music production at Berklee College of Music. However, the passion for writing and composing music was innate in him since he was familiar with music. As an honest music enthusiast, he did a project with Monthly. There he had the chance to work with Charlie Puth. He seems to have incorporated all of his lessons and inclinations into this composition. The song will definitely give its audience a nostalgic feeling through its background music which is so well crafted that people can’t get away so easily.

Being a music enthusiast and an independent artist of this genre, he went out of his way to make this song one of the most qualified songs in the genre. ‘This place’ already has some reviews already on SoundCloud. However, he needs to get more from his audience, because the song deserves it. The enchanting voice, deeply felt lyricism, and nostalgic, joyful music combined to create one of the best musical pieces in the genre. To learn more about his artistic and musical journey, you can follow him in his Instagram account.

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