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Random Origin: An experimental rock band to watch

Photo: collected from Facebook


Photo: collected from Facebook

Random Origin released “Shikor”, their debut album, on December 17, 2021, consisting of seven songs and produced under the G-Series label.

Random Origin is an experimental rock band made up of multi-talented individuals. It consists of 6 members: Imran Ahsan, John Iqbal, Shahab Ahmed, Yeasin Kazi, Robin Chowdhury and David Dean.

“We had the idea to do a random album during the lockdown. All the members are from different origins and each of them had an equal contribution in this album,” said Imran, one of the singers. of the group. “We didn’t have any serious goals or reasons for making this album. We liked the messages in all the songs we wrote during the pandemic, and we just thought about an album release.”

“Fahmida Priya Sobhan, Imran and Shahab collaborated on most of the lyrics on this album. Fuad Rabbi did the mixing and mastering of the album, while Jahan designed the cover art,” Imran said. “Khan Shahriar Ahmed Sagar was behind the bass of the song ‘Tumi Esho'”.

The name “Random Origin” was given by David because the band members come from different parts of the world – Bangladesh, USA and India to share their intense passion for music.

“The songs produced in the 70s are a source of inspiration for us. Audiences will find the essence of those early musical eras in this album,” shares Imran.

“Random Origin” was formed in 2018 in Houston, Texas. Imran, Shahab and John were the original members of the group. David later joined as a drummer, followed by Yeasin and Robin as bassist and guitarist, respectively. The group has been doing experimental rock in Bengali and English since its inception. The release of their debut album “Shikor” coincided with the 50th anniversary celebrations of Victory Day in Bangladesh. The song “Tumi Esho” was quite well received by the audience.