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Rock Band With Strong Hudson Valley Ties Announce Farewell Tour

We all know how much talent there is here in the Hudson Valley. Local artists, musicians, makers can be found all over the Hudson Valley. Think of the number of top musicians who have lived and still live in the Woodstock area. David Bowie lived there. Just like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, The Band, Todd Rundgren, Van Morrison and so many others.

That’s one hell of a musical talent. Van Morrison even wrote a song about Woodstock. Meatloaf recorded their Bat Out of Hell album in Woodstock. And Kate Pierson of The B-52’s hails from the Hudson Valley. Indeed, she recently participated in a workshop on women in music at the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock. She also owns Kate’s Lazy Meadow in Mt. Tremper.

I’ve seen the B-52s right here in the Hudson Valley more than once. And I also had the chance to meet them. Not only are they all great musicians, but they are also very kind and humble. You don’t always see that with famous musicians. One of their most popular songs, Love Shack, was actually recorded in the Ulster county hamlet of Highland.

So why all the talk about the B-52s and their connection to the Hudson Valley? That’s because the B-52s just announced their farewell tour. I’m sad that they don’t play anymore after that, but I’m happy to see them back on the road, even if it’s for the last time. There are no dates for Hudson Valley at this time, but they will play the Beacon Theater for 2 nights, October 13-14. You can get tickets from the B-52 website.

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