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Rock Island Records release Detroit rock band ELSIE BINX’ single “Kbye” on March 4

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March 3, 2022 1:30 p.m. EST

DETROIT, March 3, 2022 ( –
After six years of touring, recording and releasing music outside the Detroit metro area, ELSIE BINX reached a new creative stage. Their new flagship album, MADNESS, which will be released on Rock Island Records, is on another level and finds the band emerging into a vehement new chapter in their musical saga.

ELSIE BINX was born in 2015 when music producer Kevin Wesley Williams and singer/songwriter Erin Accomando started working together at Sound Shop Studio in Macomb, Michigan. Beginning with a seven-song album, “Smile and a Bullet”, the project brought together a group of talented musicians into a creative team. At the same time, this line-up evolved into an effective punch in their live performances.

Continuing with full albums, singles, EPs and covers, they show their tremendous creative strength. In 2020, they released two cover singles with videos while focusing on new music and digital concerts via Twitch. Their audience and the world are ready for new EBX music and it couldn’t have been delivered in better shape.

It starts with the powerful first single “OK Bye“, release Friday, March 4 on radio and digital with his own video output. MADNESS’ new album launches March 25, both digitally and physically, with CD copies available for pre-order starting March 13, 2022, “313” Detroit Day.

“Love my ELSIE BINX. Here’s a band forged in Motor City who honed their craft on the road with amazing live performances all over the US. I put Erin Accomando’s vocals up there with Taylor Momsen , Dorothy and Lzzy Hale. Looking forward to another Rock and Roll resurgence in 2022.” – Screamin Scott, WRIF 101 Detroit

ELSIE BINX: it’s pop, it’s rock, it’s heavy, it’s a sophisticated musical fabric with the same power as our greatest musical icons. An expressiveness that extends from the influence of Soundgarden, Heart, Van Halen, P!nk. Now they breathe their own fire, exuding their own power, but it still has that undeniably beautiful Detroit Rock ‘n’ Roll soul and the undeniable ELSIE BINX identity.

“MADNESS makes me incredibly excited to finally put our best musical foot in the world. We speak louder than ever, both lyrically and stylistically. Our discography is solid as it is, but this release is to a high level of honing our separate instruments into a cohesive sound.” – ELSIE BINX lead vocalist and songwriter Erin Accomando.

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