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‘Rock music is being ignored by our government,’ says Saxon’s Biff Byford

Saxon frontman Biff Byford has slammed Boris Johnson’s government for its reluctance to engage with a music industry in peril during the current coronavirus crisis, and says he fears the worst for touring rock bands: “Someone ‘one should make fucking decisions,’ he says. .

“It’s very good to take care of ballet and theater, I’m for that [but] touring, and rock music in particular, is ignored,” insists Byford in the new issue of classic rock magazine. “In terms of lobbying, we just don’t have enough voice for the arts. The government forgets how much money music generates for this country.

“What really annoys me is the lack of guidance… someone should be making fucking decisions about bands on tour. We’re not winning anything and haven’t won anything for two years now. It’s very long… it’s a blow.

“Lots of bands at our level – we pay the light crews, road crews and managers. Saxon is not a multi-platinum band, we have to work hard for our money,” he adds. “So we let’s wait, and when that happens, we have to be ready to go.”

Beyond the lingering coronavirus pandemic forcing bands off the road daily, with Nine Inch Nails, Korn, Corey Taylor, The Cadillac Three, Mammoth WVH and Limp Bizkit among those affected, Byford is also identifying new restrictions and regulations coming into force. post-Brexit as another blow to bands on the touring circuit.

“Brexit makes it so much harder for a band like us,” he admits. “A lot of people voted with their hearts and now maybe think they made the wrong decision. If only the government had negotiated a better deal.

You can read more about the leader of Saxon in the new issue of classic rock, which is on sale now. The issue features an in-depth insider look at the creation of Metallica’s “Black Album,” along with articles on David Crosby, Manic Street Preachers, Janis Joplin, Danko Jones, and a posthumous tribute to ZZ Top legend Dusty Hill.