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Sikkim’s Rock Band – ‘Girish And The Chronicles’, released their 3rd studio album titled ‘Hail To The Heroes’

  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim

Famous band from Sikkim – Girish and The Chronicles (GATC) released their 3rd studio album, titled “Hail To The Heroes” on February 11, 2022.

The album was released worldwide under the giant label – Frontiers Music SRl, Italy. Frontiers music is home to some of the biggest rock bands in the world, with bands like Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Mr Big, Extreme, Toto, Journey, Survivor, Uriah Heep, to name a few under their label.

The album contains 12 tracks released worldwide and a 13th bonus track, available as a special edition in Japan. A pure treat for all rock and metal fans, the album is a tribute and a dedication to all the rock gods and legends, who have been the band’s greatest source of inspiration, as well as to all rock and metal fans.

The album is available worldwide in CD form, as well as vinyl formats as physical copies, and also available on all music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Music, Youtube, etc. .

This is GATC’s first album with Frontiers Music, and prior to the full release of the album, the band had already released a single and 2 music videos from this album, as promotional tracks. The album release was accompanied by a music video for their song “Love’s Damnation”.

“Lover’s Train” was the first single released from the album, in November 2021. This was followed by the release of 2 music videos, namely “Primeval Desire”, which was released in December 2021, and the album’s title track ” Hail to the Heroes”, released in January 2022.

The group is overwhelmed and happy with the great response to the tracks so far, as well as the feedback received from various magazines and channels working around the world. The album was reviewed by some of the world’s most prominent rock and metal magazines and channels, where some of them ranked the album as the album of the year for 2022.

The album features amazing artists such as Chris Adler (ex Lamb of God, Megadeth), Rowan Robertson (ex Dio) and Myrone.

The band are really excited about the release and are looking forward to a positive and uplifting response to the album from all GATC fans and supporters, as well as all rockers and metalheads around the world.

Here are some highlights from some of the album reviews the band has received.

“Hail To The Heroes, the band’s third album overall, sees the band make a huge step up from their previous album, Rock The Highway (2020). The album grabs you from the first notes of “Primeval Desire” and never lets go, just like the classic albums of their musical heroes always have. Hail To The Heroes is a sonic journey that will delight you again and again. – Brave Words, USA

“This album is definitely a contender for album of the year 2020. It’s an amazing album. It set the bar for all other bands for album of the year. This album is a killer , no filler album – Iridium review, UK.

“With the tremendous vocal power of Girish Pradhan, GatC are back with their third album and ready, probably, to rock your world… In fact, there’s no doubt about it. On this long, dozen-track journey, the band will rock your world time and time again with thunderous anthemic rockers like I’m Not The Devil, in which our hero, who boasts a voice about 4.7 times powerful than anyone else currently doing the rounds, will remove your eyebrows and all other foreign protrusions beating around your person through LUNGE POWER…” – Sentinel Daily, Australia.

“The album also includes a different atmosphere with songs and riffs that have this Indian character, all their songs share in common stinging guitars, clear and powerful vocals sealed by thunderous and impeccable bass and drums, pure sound heavy metal.
Not only did I love it, but I think it will be one of the albums that will reach enough category to be ranked among the best that 2022 will bring us…” – Viri AOR, Spain.

The track list/album playlist is as follows –

1. Primal Desire
2. Children of the Night
3. I am not the devil
4. The damnation of love
5. Erase Blur
6. Love Train
7. Rock And Roll Jack
8. Salute to the heroes (intro)
9. Salute to the Heroes
10. The Shamans of Time
11. Heaven’s Tears
12. Rock N’ Roll Fever (with Chris Adler, Myrone, Rowan Robertson)