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Teen bands will perform rock music history at Nut Tree – The Vacaville Reporter

From the boosted blues of Chuck Berry and his peers to the heavy distortion of today’s bands, rock and roll has come a long way in its nearly 70 years of existence.

That’s a lot of history for newcomers to catch up on, but those looking for an introduction can find it Saturday at Nut Tree Plaza when the Live Music Center’s teen bands fill the breezeway with sounds encompassing the history of the rock music.

The show is the second installment in the Nut Tree summer music concert series, in which a different act performs at the mall every Saturday through July 9. Last Saturday, a show from the American River College Vocal Jazz Ensemble, and this weekend will bring the style of an even younger group of musicians.

Megan Tucker, co-owner of Live Music Center, said the idea came from concert series organizer Ken Stout. Live Music Center had played for the Nut Tree’s holiday concert series and wanted to do a show that focused on the evolution of rock.

“We both thought it would be fun to do something that encompassed as much rock history as possible,” she said.

The show will consist of the Live Music Center’s current teen rock bands, Raccoons at the Party and 5 AM Adrenaline, performing songs selected by Tucker and the band members to represent rock music history. The setlist will include a mix of old songs from The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Heart and Blondie to newer ones from Tool and Panic! At the disco.

“We decided on songs that we felt were important to represent throughout rock history starting in the ’60s and going all the way to the present day,” Tucker said.

Tucker said many songs have been performed by both bands over the years, while others have been incorporated into the set more recently. She also said they were listed in chronological order.

“They must have taught themselves a little bit of rock history,” she said. “They had to learn what years the songs came out in, why they were important, and I actually had them research the songs.”

Tucker said that one unique thing about this concert is that the bands play together.

“Instead of having them play separately, we mix and match them,” she said. “I call it the Live Music Center Rock Conglomerate for this particular show.”

Tucker hopes that audiences will appreciate not only the renditions of rock’s most famous songs, but also the quality of the musicians.

“They are truly high caliber musicians,” she said. “All the songs you’re going to hear will be really well done. If they can also learn something or see that his rock progression has changed over the years, that would be really nice too.

The free concert takes place from 6-8 p.m. Saturday in the indoor plaza between China Stix and the Jelly Belly Store, 1661 E. Monte Vista Ave. Nut Tree’s next gigs include The Spy Band Show on June 18, Delbert Bump’s SAIL Latin Jazz on June 25. , a 4th of July celebration with Alive Music Orchestra on July 2 and Brette Alana and the Steve Krohn Band on July 9.

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