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The developer of the rock band Harmonix bought by Epic Games

Epic Games bought Harmonix, the developer of numerous musical games, including Rock band and Guitar Hero, for an unspecified amount. This is one of the publisher’s biggest acquisitions since buying Fall guys: ultimate knockout Mediatonic developer in March.

We have some exciting news!

– Harmonix (@Harmonix) 23 November 2021

In a publish on his site, Epic Games has claimed that Harmonix will play a role in its own version of the Metaverse. “Harmonix has a reputation for creating fun and engaging musical experiences designed for everyone to enjoy,” the statement read. “As we work to build the metaverse, this expertise is needed to reimagine the way music is experienced, created and distributed. “

In addition to helping Epic create their online universe, Harmonix will also be working with the Fortnite development team “to develop musical journeys and gameplay” for the huge free-to-play title. This is probably a reference to the multiple concerts that have taken place in the game, featuring artists from Travis Scott to Ariana Grande.

However, fans of Rock group 4 or any of the other games currently supported by Harmonix don’t have to worry about sudden server shutdowns. In his own statementHarmonix said it plans to continue supporting all of its games at full capacity. Regarding the DLC for Rock group 4, the developer said, “We will continue with our existing DLC ​​plans… and there are a lot of great leads to come as we wrap up 2021 and move into the New Year.”

The developer also pointed out that all of its games currently on Steam, including Fuser unit and Audica: rhythm shooter, will not be withdrawn from the digital market.

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