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Ushering in an exciting new era in rock music – Vicious Circle announce the release of their second album

This is the first album with their new vocalist Matt Briard and bassist Dave Worden, which fans are thrilled to hear doing well.

Vicious Circle is a 5 piece Canadian hard rock band from Vancouver, Canada. The group has been in the headlines all week thanks to the announcement of the release of their second album. Recorded at The Audio Cave, what makes this new opus special isn’t just the fact that the album was produced by Fab Delmonte or mastered by Jamie Star – what really makes this album special, c is the fact that this is the first studio album the band has recorded with their new vocalist Matt Briard and bassist Dave Worden – additions to the band that have brought new range and scope to what the band is known to do the best.

What separates Vicious Circle from other up-and-coming rock bands is their brash brand of Rock N Roll music, which borders on metal and pop depending on their mood. By sticking solely to their version of pop and their idea of ​​the rules that rock music should adhere to, Vicious Circle has managed to create a brand of music that transcends boundaries, moods and individual perceptions of music. .

The band derives its stature and recognition from hardworking individuals who make sure to work day in and day out to create music in keeping with the band’s spirit. Thanks to the ambition and resilience of its members, coupled with the undying love and support of their dedicated fans, Vicious Circle finds itself already working on its 3rd album! Releasing song after song and championing rock music at the heart of every release, the band have their eyes set on a potential 2023 tour.

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Vicious Circle is a 5 piece Canadian hard rock band from Vancouver, Canada. Formed in 1993 then released their debut album “Fine Line” in 1995 independently. They then signed with DeRock Records and re-released “Fine Line” worldwide in 1998. They now return with their new album “Revolution” to kick ass with their unique brand of hard hitting guitar rock that makes you want to move. .

They have surpassed 430,000 total streams of their new album “Revolution” on Spotify. The band’s most recent release is the last track from “Revolution” titled “Hurt”. There’s also a new album in production for a 2023 release as well.

With such dedication to their craft and the spirit of rock and roll music, Vicious Circle have paved the way for one of the most exciting emergences of a rock band in recent years. Continuing with such focus will no doubt see them sell out concert halls and stadiums for years to come.








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