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VIDEO: Band White Rock rocks ‘Just for the Night’ with song at QOTSA 4 years after forming

White Rock band Too Much of Anything have more than something to celebrate.

The alt-rock trio released a video for the song “Just for the Night,” a two-minute, 22-second punk-pop blast that rolls like an old Queens of the Stoneage song.

The video was “shot in our house by us”, with posters from Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Green Day and other bands covering the walls.

Founded in 2018 with sounds rooted in ’90s grunge and punk rock, Too Much of Anything has Keenan Strand on vocals and guitar, Stefan Sattran-McCuaig on bass and Liam Wilson on drums.

The new song echoes the title of the band’s debut studio album, produced by Eric Mosher at Warehouse Studio in Gastown.

Keenan’s lyrics for the launch single offer a glimpse into the world of modern dating.

Created at a jam a few years ago, “Just for the Night” is “an indie-rock anthem, jam-packed with rushing drums and driven by an electric hook that sounds like a ’60s surfer wave, laced with a modern twist,” according to a press release from Eric Alper, the powerhouse music publicist and Twitter mainstay.

The band’s website ( shows photos of the trio at sites around White Rock, including Wyland’s famous “whale wall,” and lists a concert on Saturday, August 20 at the Portside Pub in East Vancouver, with The Lily Dippers and Harborside. Tickets are $15 at the door or $13 in advance through

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