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Vietnamese Rock Band In Japan Releases First Music Video

TOKYO (Vietnam News/Asia News Network): Vietnam’s first rock band in Japan, Kurrock, has released their first music video.

The six-member band, including five Vietnamese and a Japanese drummer, released a music video for their debut single Vượt (Overcome). The song is about the hardships and challenges that many Vietnamese people, especially young people, face when working, studying and living in Japan to pursue their dreams.

The video was shot under the direction of Watanabe Tomonori, at a time when many Covid-19 restrictions were still in effect in Japan. It was achieved through the tireless efforts of the production teams in Japan and Vietnam.

The video takes place on the roof of the Nagoya Mode Gakuen skyscraper at dawn, with a view of the bustling Shinjuku district. The backdrop expresses the idea of ​​”a new day will come”, which also matches the interpretation of the song.

Through the song, Kurrock wants to send a message to all young Vietnamese in Japan – “Try hard and you will overcome difficulties.”

Founded in 2020, the group led by Nguyễn Hữu Mạnh Khôi, aka KJO, performs mainly in Tokyo.

Before releasing their first single Vượt, Kurrock was well known in the Vietnamese community in Japan thanks to covers such as Pretender, Neko and Little Thing.

According to frontman Mạnh Khôi, in addition to the Vượt music video, Kurrock plans to release his first album featuring bilingual Vietnamese-Japanese songs, aiming to connect music from both countries as well as music lovers from Japan and Vietnam.