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The only trip music lovers can take now is in the past, especially at a time when long road trips demanded the best nostalgia-inducing pop-rock radio hits.

Whether the road was “a thousand miles” like Vanessa Carlton’s moving piano melody or Mapquest’s instructions were as “complicated” as Avril LavigneBillboard Hot 100’s # 2 pop-punk anthem, the journey seemed more exciting than the destination. And what better track to start the playlist than “No Such Thing” by John Mayer, when it starts with the screaming “Welcome to the real world!”

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But a turn left or right doesn’t compare to Lifehouse’s turn-of-the-century post-grunge track “Hanging by a Moment,” which became the most played song of 2001 thanks to its FM versatility. In an exclusive interview with Billboard, singer / guitarist Jason Wade said he found the term ‘minivan rock’ so apt “because the first time I heard [‘Hanging By a Moment’] on the radio, I was in a minibus, I was going to a show – I think we were in Jacksonville at the time, like, 2000-2001.

Billboard has already reported our 50 best minivan rock songs, but which song from our top 10 are you still playing in your car in 2020? Vote below!