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Willow Smith credits iconic rock band with inspiration for return to music

Willow Smith recently returned to the music business with a new passion for creating audio art, and she credits an iconic rock band for inspiring her. Talk to NME, Smith shared that she spent about a year avoiding music, but was inspired to create it again by listening to Radiohead’s “Codex” from the 2011 album. The king of limbs. “I hadn’t made music for so long, but this song hit the slap, so I wanted to see if I could do something about it,” she said, revealing that she wrote her own song using Radiohead’s song. .

“I completed the intro and it became “Sugar and spices”, which is on YouTube, “she continued.” It’s a bit hit and miss and really depressing, but I thought it sounded right. It was then that I knew everything would be fine. ‘If Radiohead can make songs that sound this good, the music is worth it and I should try to keep going. ‘she was due to do the heels of her first single, “Whip My Hair”.

“I was done with music after that. I tried to do so many other things. I didn’t do music for a whole year, which is insane to me,” she said. declared. “I wanted to do other things to find out if the music was the real deal or not. But it just stuck, man. It wouldn’t go away. It’s like the music says, ‘I’m in your head and in your heart; your lifelong roommate. You could write a book if you want to, but that won’t be your primary focus. You are not going to leave me behind and become an author. I could definitely do both, and it will happen soon – but still: music has my heart. She took me by the ovaries.

Finally, Smith also opened up about how much influence her mother had on her, noting that Jada’s time as the lead vocalist for metal band Wicked Wisdom had a big impact. “She showed me what it really is to be a woman. There are literally no words to describe standing up in front of people who literally hated her, every night. She did it with it. so much grace and power. And with every show, she’s conquered them. By the end of the show, people calling her racist slurs and throwing things at her like, “Actually, they kinda exploded. “It was totally worth it.” Willow Smith’s fourth album, Lately I feel it all, is now available and available on most music streaming services.