Rock music

With his profession, Victoria Rock Music artist Steve Moffitt is well established to create a new golden age for rock music

To bring back the lost glory of rock music, Victoria rock music artist Steve Moffitt composed some of the best songs in this genre. Stay tuned to find out more!

With a very loud sound of drums and cymbals in his music, the artist Steve moffitt seems to be such a reclaimer of a long, progressive darkness. Mixing rock with blues, country and rhythm, he always tries to offer his audience a different taste of rock music. Genre; which once was used to express transgression, revolt or any social upheaval; has come down from its peak. Listening to his songs, I always felt that this Victoria rock music artist seems to have taken the leadership to bring back the genre’s lost glory. Her energy is always in sync with the flow of the song. His aggressiveness still resonates with his voice.

The use of the guitar is predominant in his music to preserve the originality of rock music. His voice is so high that he might never have used an amplifier. A young, rebellious and aggressive attitude is visible in Steve Moffitt’s effort. Two of the artist’s songs released earlier this year “High times” and “living Hard”, have already attracted public attention. His individuality and uniqueness are captured through his music. I believe this passionate and enthusiastic artist from Melbourne will soon wear the crown of making his dreams come true. Well browsing his SoundCloud and YouTube profiles made me stop and listen to some of the special editions like –VICIOUS CIRCLE’, ‘WIND‘, ‘YOUR NAME’. All are bearers of his musical prowess. This emerging creative star is now available on Facebook and Youtube to entertain the fans.